Code of Practice

Chaplain - Denominational Authorities/Peer Relationship

Underlying Values

In the context of the chaplain – denominational authorities/peers  relationship the underlying values are demonstrated by the chaplain:

Respect for the Dignity and Worth of all Persons Showing courtesy, consideration and co-operation to all of one’s denominational hierarchy, peers and staff.
Treating all persons with respect and consideration.
Compassion Encouraging and supporting others in a constructive and appropriate manner.
Accepting different points of view in an open and positive manner.
Listening to and supporting one’s denominational peers.
Vocation Maintaining good standing in one’s faith community at whatever level is appropriate.
Participating in denominational and ecumenical training opportunities.
Regular attendance/participation in denominational activities/ religious services etc.
Goodwill Working co-operatively in all situations.
Joining in social gatherings/ religious services as appropriate and as possible.
Establishing formal and informal working relationships with denominational peers.
Sharing one’s knowledge and skills, and being open to learn from one’s peers.