Code of Practice



Underlying Values  In the context of the chaplain – patient/client relationship the underlying values are demonstrated by the chaplain
Respect for the Dignity and
Worth of all Persons
 Valuing and respecting humanity/all human life.
Assisting persons to find wholeness.
Accepting another’s experience
Respecting boundaries of culture, gender,sexuality and belief systems of all persons, which includes zero tolerance of harassment or abuse of any kind eg sexual, spiritual, emotional, physical.
Acknowledging that every person has the potential to develop/grow.


Being an unconditional presence to persons experiencing illness/trauma.
Providing help & support in very difficult times.
Supporting persons in crisis especially in unfamiliar settings.
Vocation Striving to be present in all encounters.
Being open to learning & equipping oneself better.
Being open to God and other people.
Giving priority to on-going education and supervision.
Being committed and conscientious.
Goodwill Offering encouragement, help and hope.
Listening carefully to others’ stories.
Accepting of, and empowering others.
Focusing on another’s need not one’s own.
Being honest and sincere at all times.
Being open to challenge and new ideas.
Taking time to build rapport/relationships with patients/clients/ families/staff.