Code of Practice



Underlying Values  In the context of the chaplain – other health professionals  relationship the underlying values are demonstrated by the chaplain: 

Respect for the Dignity and
Worth of all Persons

Actively participating in a team working towards holistic healthcare.
Promoting spirituality as integral to wholeness and healthcare.
Accepting and valuing the contribution of all team members. 
Compassion Encouraging and supporting other team members.
Listening and accepting different points of views and priorities.
Vocation Being committed to working in a multidisciplinary team.
Providing input to multidisciplinary meetings from a spiritual perspective.
Communicating to other team members the chaplain’s role/contribution to patient care.
Awareness of the impact of self on others.
Goodwill  Participating in team building activities.
Being courteous and considerate to other team members.
Modelling shared care and open communication.
Contributing to fostering trustful and supportive relationships amongst team members.
Collegiality Establishing and maintaining positive working relationships.
Loyalty to the team.
Respectful of professional boundaries.
Open to learning from other team members.