Code of Practice

[eg ICHC/LSP, Private Hospital/Agency]


Underlying Values

 In the context of the chaplain – employing body relationship the underlying values are demonstrated by the chaplain:

Respect for the Dignity and
Worth of all Persons
Showing courtesy and co-operation to all staff and committee
Compassion Meeting requirements/requests in a co-operative and timely manner.
 Vocation Taking responsibility for self care in terms of meeting health & safety requirements in regard to time off duty, supervision, accreditation etc.
Engaging regularly in professional development.
Goodwill Contributing to meeting contractual requirements by the timely and accurate provision of statistics and other required information.
Providing high quality performance at all time contributing to ensuring one’s employing body is held in high regard.
Maintaining a co-operative and constructive relationship with one’s employing body in all areas.