Code of Practice

Chaplain -Chaplaincy Team Relationships


Underlying Values

 In the context of the chaplain – chaplaincy team relationship the underlying values are demonstrated by the chaplain:

Respect for the Dignity and Worth of all Persons

Valuing the contribution of all members of the team.
Respecting other team members and accepting/celebrating differences.
Working ecumenically/inter-faith.
Being sensitive to another’s needs/boundaries.
Compassion Listening to another’s concerns/point of view.
Fostering caring for one another.
Vocation Being committed and conscientious.
Goodwill Encouraging and empowering other team members.
Developing /exercising one’s sense of humour.
Working in a spirit of co-operation rather than competition.
Collegiality  Taking time for team building.
Being open to learn from colleagues
Sharing one’s knowledge and experience with other team members.
Participating in establishing mutual understanding of , and the practice of team decision making.