Call for Papers on Health Care Chaplaincy

The Journal of Health Care Chaplaincy is inviting authors to submit scholarly articles based on original research, quality assurance/improvement studies, descriptions of programs and interventions, program/intervention evaluations, and literature reviews on topics pertinent to pastoral care and counseling in relation to physical and mental health.  Scholarly articles on all relevant topics will be considered.  Topics of particular interest for future issues include:
Clinical Pastoral Education – Training, Evaluation, and Outcomes
Defining and Contrasting Spiritual and Pastoral Care
Measuring Patients Spiritual and Emotional Needs
Outcome-Oriented Chaplaincy and Measuring Chaplain Effectiveness
Spiritual Assessment and Interventions
Spiritual Distress and Health Outcomes  
Standards of Practice and Best Practices
The Chaplain as Part of the Interdisciplinary Team
Authors are encouraged to submit manuscripts having some empirical basis that describe completed or on-going projects, programs, and research.  Full-length and brief reports of research studies are especially encourages (including pilot studies).  All manuscripts are peer-reviewed.  
The Journal of Health Care Chaplaincy is an independent journal established in 1987 to promote professional chaplaincy through research and scholarship.  It is published by Routledge/Taylor & Francis, and is indexed on Medline.  The journal is not affiliated with HealthCare Chaplaincy, New York.  Guidelines for submitting manuscripts can be obtained from the Editor-in-Chief, Kevin J. Flannelly, Ph.D., at Information about the journal can be obtained at